This type is a point laser for the projection of a red laser dot and is a laser module which is much better visible through the wavelength of 635nm than a comparable laser with 650nm. The optical diode power of the laser module is . Typical applications are low-cost applications. The laser has a very compact design. Due to the classification in the laser class no TÜV registration is necessary. The laser can be used e.g. at disco events or for installation in tools without any problems. (The laser protection measures must be observed!) The current consumption is very low, therefore 2 batteries can be used for power supply and the laser module can be used mobile.

Technical data

  • Lifetime: >3000 h
  • Operating temperature: -20°C - 40 °C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C - 80 °C

Optical parameters

  • Beam shape: point
  • Optical power: 1 mW
  • Laser class: 2
  • divergence: H - 1.0 mrad
  • dot size: adjustable
  • Working distance: 10 m
  • Optics: Acrylic lens
  • Laser Technology: Diode
  • Focus: adjustable

Electrical parameters

  • Potential of the housing: VDD(+)
  • Operating voltage: 2.7 - 3.3, type 3 V DC
  • Operating current: 30 mA
  • Cable colour Plus: red
  • Cable color GND: black

Mechanical parameters

  • Dimensions: Ø12x30.5 mm
  • Material: Brass
  • Cable length: 90 mm
  • Cable type: 26AWG, 0.14mm²
  • Outlet diameter optics: 4 mm
  • Weight: 18.6 g

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