Trikarus uses a Tablet Lifetab P9812 by Medion to show the Repetier Server frontend and Grafana. For security reason the tablet is fully encrypted and secured py PIN.

Network configuration

  • The wifi on the device is configured to be connected to local Wifi SSID from the router only. If you connect to ensure that the network is not stored or auto connection to this network is disabled. Otherwise connection might fail.
  • the tablet is intended only for local use (no network forwarded communication over Freifunk or Wireguard)
  • IP configuration is static (because in DHCP mode it does not obtain an IP). For every device we connect to the SSID we have to configure static settings manually:
    • IP: 169.254.XXX.XXX
    • Gateway: 169.254.XXX.1
    • DNS: 169.254.XXX.1
    • Prefix length: 24
  • using the static IP the device does not know about the host names of Raspberry Pi or Duet, but it can connect to IP addresses.
  • using USB debugging the /etc/hosts file on the tablet could be adjusted manually
  • (warning) if the Wifi does not work
    • go to the center of the printer. The Wifi range is so poor that it does not work for more than 2 meters distance sometimes
    • correctly anymore reboot the tablet!

Fennec Browser for Android (Firefox fork)

Download Fennec via F-Droid


  • browser.safebrowsing.phishing.enabled = false
  • browser.cache.offline.enable = false
  • network.http.phishy-userpass-length = 255
  • browser.tabs.useCache = false

Keep Screen On (Android App)

We cannot configure the tablet's screen to stay activated longer than 30 minutes. The following tool solves this issue →

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