The following table compares some essential features required for Trikarus project.

FeatureDWCRepetier Server
API /remote access(tick)
http, websocket
Webcam Support(tick)(tick)
Timelapse videos(error)(tick)
Job Management(tick)(tick)
OS System commands(error) not possible due to missing underlying Linux system(tick)
Mesh Bed Compensation / Grid View(tick)(error)
Exclude GCode regions(error)(tick)
GCode Macros(tick)(tick)
LUA Scripting(error)(tick)

Why to use both software products?

Both software pieces have advantages and disadvantages over each other in the concrete setup. For example sometimes Duet fails to announce it's IP address in the network correctly while Repetier Server is still able to communicate with Duet by USB. DWC also sometimes crashes by some bugs which prevent to access the user interface. So it's good to have 2 independent solutions which do not block each other.

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